Bhuleshwar Bazaar

In a neighborhood of markets, south Mumbai’s bustling Bhuleshwar Bazaar has long been a popular shopping spot for locals and visitors alike. Here you'll find everything from vibrant textiles to shimmering costume jewelry, along with many stalls selling practical items such as fruits and vegetables and kitchenware.
The Basics
With its numerous shops and stalls and constant cacophony of activity, Bhuleshwar Bazaar is a great place to get deals on unusual souvenirs and local products. And even if shopping isn't your thing, the market is worth a visit for its great people-watching and photo opportunities. Bhuleshwar Bazaar is a popular stop on shopping tours, and a tour guide can be helpful when it comes to getting an idea of prices and bargaining.
Things to Know Before You Go
Bhuleshwar Bazaar is a must-visit for photographers and shopaholics.
Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk among crowds.
Haggling is part of the shopping experience at the market, so always expect to make a counteroffer.
How to Get There
Bhuleshwar Bazaar is located in South Mumbai, in an area dominated by temples, shops, and residences. Just north of the Fort area, the market is about a 10-minute drive inland from Chowpatty Beach. The nearest commuter railway stations are Charni Road, Sandhurst Road, and Masjid, all of which are about a 15-minute walk away. It’s easiest to get here by taxi or visit as part of an organized tour, especially on hot and humid days.
When to Get There
Most of the shops and stalls at Bhuleshwar Bazaar are open from around 10am or 11am until 8pm or 9pm, though some close on Sundays. It's best to arrive first thing in the day, not only because cooler temperatures make walking around more pleasant, but also because shopkeepers will often give good deals to the first customer of the day for good luck.

Bargaining 101
Bargaining is an essential part of the shopping experience at Indian markets and should be fun. While you may encounter some “fixed-price” shops at Bhuleshwar Bazaar and other area markets, most vendors will expect you to do a little haggling. If quoted a price, make a counteroffer lower than what you’d be willing to pay, say one-third of the quoted price. Ideally, the vendor will meet you somewhere in the middle.
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ムンバイ南部の最も活気のある市場で日常生活を体験してください。地元のガイドは洞察力のある解説と専門的なナビゲーションを提供しています。また、この2.5時間のウォーキングツアーでは、ヒンズー教の寺院ムンバ・デヴィ・マンディル(Mumba Devi Mandir)を訪れ、ブリュッセルワール市場内の珍しい動物保護区を見学します。あなたのガイドには、スパイシーなストリートフードから宗教的な料理、カラフルな衣服まで、あなたが目にするものすべてが説明されています7人に限定されたこの小グループツアーでは、自分で見つけるのが難しい隠された宝石を発見し、より親密な体験を保証します。
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