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Kravice Falls

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The Kravice Falls are Bosnia and Herzegovina’s best-kept natural secret, a spectacular semi-circular cascade that plummets over 30-meter (98-foot) soft tufa cliffs on the Trebižat River southwest of Mostar. Lying in a river valley lush with fig and poplar trees, the falls have sliced out a natural amphitheater spanning 120 meters (394 feet) as the river splits into a dozen or more separate waterfalls and hurls itself between massive boulders into the lake below. The falls are at their most powerful during the spring snow melt and are tamer in summer, when several pocket-sized sandy beaches appear underneath the cascades from which to swim in the icy, emerald waters. A well-beaten track leads downhill from the car park and a boardwalk leads to the foot of the falls, where rope swings are poised over the river; there are several fish restaurants with colorful umbrellas on terraces bordering the river as well as picnic areas and camping facilities.