Fort Montego

Fort Montego is the remains of a British fort built to protect the town from attack. While its remaining cannons are historical monuments to colonial Jamaica and the Golden Age of Pirates, it's more auspicious in its proximity to duty-free shopping, an arts and craft market and the kid-friendly Aquasol Beach.

Originally built overlooking what was then Meager Bay (long-since filled in for town and highway expansion), Fort Montego was designed to repel invasions from pirates and the naval forces of the Spanish and the French, but the only action it saw was when a cannon exploding during a celebration of the British capture of Havana. Now, a few cannons and masonry remain.

If you’re interested in Jamaican history, Fort Montego is a good spot to visit, and even if you’re not, it makes for a great photo. Groups will want to use it as a rally point if you part ways to spend money on the nearby “Hip Strip.”

Practical Info

Fort Montego is on Fort Street near Gloucester Avenue, aka the "Hip Strip," easily accessible by cab or foot. You'll want to visit the Old Fort Crafts Market, located behind the site before hitting the vendors of the Hip Strip. After you've had your fill of haggling, unwind with a drink and a burger at Margaritaville or party with live music at clubs such as Coral Cliff and The Brewery.

住所: Montego Bay, ジャマイカ
入場料: Free

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