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Arches National Park

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Bragging rights belong to Arches National Park, as it contains the densest concentration of natural stone arches in the world—2,000! But what you see today is dramatically different from what existed a million years ago. The massive rock formations that lure visitors to the national park were once buried underground, brought into plain sight by erosion.

Visitor centers are like one-stop shopping spots when it comes to learning about all the great things national parks have to offer. Employees and volunteers can recommend what’s best to do based on how much time you have to spend. While at the Arches Visitor Center, check the schedule for ranger-led programs during your stay.An assortment of activities ranging from short evening programs to guided walks and three-hour strenuous hikes are also offered in spring through fall.




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世界最大規模の自然にできた砂岩のアーチで有名なアーチーズ国立公園。普段はあまり誰も足を踏み入れないエリアまで足を延ばすと、本当の意味でその伝説的な美しさが体験できます。このモアブ発4WDアドベンチャーツアーでは、ベテランガイドの案内でタワー・アーチのような奥地まで車を走らせたり、マーチング・メン(Marching ...  続きを読む

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