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ドバイ砂漠自然保護地区は、アラブ首長国連邦の中で最初に指定された国立公園で、国内最大の規模を誇ります。姿を変える砂丘が広がり、砂漠特有の植物が生息するこのエリアは、かつて広大なラクダのファームでした。南アフリカの国立公園に影響を受けたムハンマド・ビン・ラシード・アール・マクトゥ-ムが、ドバイの絶滅の危機に瀕する動物や ...  続きを読む

Citadel of Saladin (Al-Qalaa)

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Sprawling over a limestone spur on the eastern edge of the city, the Citadel of Saladin (or Al-Qalaa) was home to Egypt's rulers for some 700 years. Their ...  続きを読む

Atlantis Palm Hotel

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Only in Dubai can a hotel be considered a top tourist attraction, and such is the case with the extravagant Atlantis Palm Hotel. The 1,539 room ocean-themed ...  続きを読む

Wadi Rum

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Shuttling between archaeological sites, an inevitable component of any Jordan trip, may have you longing for those haunting, limitless expanses of desert ...  続きを読む

Aswan High Dam

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Built in the 1960s, the Aswan High Dam was an engineering marvel at the time and changed the face of Egypt. It increased the cultivable land by 30% and ...  続きを読む

Western Wall

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Perhaps the most significant landmark of the Jewish people and symbol of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Western Wall (or the Wailing Wall) is the last ...  続きを読む


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ブルジュ・ハリファは、現在地球上で一番高い超高層ビルです。全長828メートル、160階のフロアーを持つこの建物は、階段式のデザインで尖塔は注射の針のようにそそり立っています。  ...  続きを読む


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ドバイのランドマークは、ペルシア湾に面した船の形をしているホテル、ブルジュ・アル・アラブです。世界でただ一つの7スターホテルで、ジェームズ・ボンドやスーパースターの世界のホテルです。  ...  続きを読む

Hassan II Mosque

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As one of the world’s largest mosques, the magnificent Hassan II Mosque not only boasts a capacity for over 100,000 worshippers, but is also one of ...  続きを読む

City of the Dead (Qarafa)

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Qarafa, or The City of the Dead, is two 4 mile (6 km) long cemeteries - a north and south cemetery - dating from Mamluk times (1200s - 1500s) and is still in ...  続きを読む

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center

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The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the largest in the United Arab Emirates and eighth largest in the world, rises majestically from Abu Dhabi and serves as the ...  続きを読む

Mount Toubkal

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When you think of the Sahara, Northern Africa, or the sunny Moroccan plains, things like snow, ice, and crampons usually aren’t part of the picture. When ...  続きを読む


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Set 36 miles (58 km) outside the capital city of Beirut, the ancient city of Anjar is literally a Lebanon attraction unlike any other. While many of the ruins ...  続きを読む

Bedouin Camps

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The Bedouin people are a desert-dwelling ethnic group found throughout the Arabian peninsula. While rapid modernization throughout the region has led a ...  続きを読む

Heart of Cape Town Museum

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Modern medical advances are remarkable things – so much so that there is a museum in Cape Town at the site of the first human heart transplant, Groote Schuur ...  続きを読む