Marrakech Tours from Casablanca

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You can’t visit Morocco without paying a visit to the cultural capital of Marrakech, a city of contrasts that is as bewildering as it is enchanting. Less than 2.5 hours south of Casablanca, it’s ...  続きを読む

Dubai Day Trips from Abu Dhabi

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While Dubai may get the most tourist attention in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi -- the capital city -- offers a completely different and more traditional experience. Where Dubai is filled with ...  続きを読む

Dead Sea Tours from Tel Aviv

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The Dead Sea is the second saltiest major body of water on earth, and it is this hyper-salinity, which causes swimmers to be super-buoyant within it, that makes it one of Israel’s major attractions. ...  続きを読む

Al Ain Day Trips from Dubai

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Located close to the border with Oman, the date-palm oasis of Al Ain, the “Garden City” of the Emirates, is very literally a breath of fresh air from Dubai. The 62-mile (100-kilometer) trip takes ...  続きを読む

How to Choose a Giza Pyramids Tour

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No trip to Egypt is complete without a visit to the pyramids. The iconic image of the towering Sphinx is one of the most recognizable in the world, and these tours from the capital city will ensure ...  続きを読む

Alexandria Day Trips from Cairo

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Most journeys to Egypt begin and end in chaotic Cairo, but a mere three-hour drive from the capital will bring you to Egypt’s Second City — Alexandria, the seaside metropolis that could not feel ...  続きを読む

Top Day Trips from Marrakech

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If you’ve explored the Marrakech medina and haggled for bargains in the sprawling souk, heard storytellers weave their magic in the Djemaa el Fna square, and dined al fresco on Moroccan cuisine, ...  続きを読む


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魅力的な建築群、壮麗なショッピングモール、ヤシの木が広がるビーチなどがあるアブダビは、現在、中東で人気急上昇の都市です。 ドバイから車で2時間弱のアブダビは、日帰りツアーの目的地として人気を集めています。 アブダビに入る最もエキサイティングな方法は、45分の水上飛行機での遊覧飛行です。空から眺める人工島パームジュメイラとF1グランプリサーキットは圧巻です。 ...  続きを読む

Desert Trips from Abu Dhabi

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When dressing for an Abu Dhabi desert safari, it’s best to wear some closed toed shoes for walking out on the dunes, as well as bring a change of clothes should you end up covered in sand. After ...  続きを読む

3 Days in Tel Aviv: Suggested Itineraries

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Tel Aviv is a new city, established only a century ago, so it’s a prime location for lovers of modern architecture. In fact, the White City area has such a concentration of international-style ...  続きを読む