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エバーグレイズ国立公園は、フロリダ半島最南端の湿地帯に広がる世界遺産に登録されている国立公園で、たくさんのアリゲーターが生息する場所です。貴重な生態系が保たれているこのエリアでは、アリゲーターだけでななく、アメリカワニ、バンドウイルカ、マナティー、ユキコサギ、ハクトウワシ、ミサゴなどの珍しい動物も生息し、アメリカで現存する亜熱帯地方の動物、鳥、魚は驚異的な種類を誇ります。  ...  続きを読む

Miami Beach

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Miami Beach has perhaps the some of the best city beaches in the country. The water is relatively clear and the warm, white-sand beaches are wide, firm, and long enough to accommodate the throngs of ...  続きを読む

Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

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Since 1962 this 2.6-acre urban oasis has provided locals and travelers with easy access to some of the most diverse plant life on earth. Visitors can wander the well-kept grounds where lush green ...  続きを読む

Coral Gables

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All across America are wealthy suburbs, where the houses are big and new and designed to resemble European abodes. But Coral Gables, called the City Beautiful, was the first. For in the posh ...  続きを読む

Perez Art Museum

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Since 2013 this stunning glass structure with Miami coastal views has been showcasing contemporary and modern art to the masses. With one of the most impressive collections south of the Mason Dixon ...  続きを読む

Oleta River State Park


Explore Miami’s rugged trails and mangrove-spotted coastlines of Biscayne Bay at Oleta River State Park. Florida’s largest urban park, Oleta offers adventure junkies different ways to enjoy the ...  続きを読む