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Wynwood Neighborhood

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Known as a trendy arts district, Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood is one of best inner-city escapes to be had while visiting the Magic City. With more than 70 arts galleries, a slew of hip coffee shops and dozens of niche museums and artistic collections, walking through “the Wyn” will give you a good understanding of why this little alcove is called Miami’s heart and soul.

Also famous for its Wynwood Walls, the streets of the Wyn are lined with murals created by some of Miami’s famous artists. It’s a source of pride for the neighborhood, as it successfully blends work from the up-and-coming artists with that of those who are already established in the field. And when night falls, the area comes alive with fun-seekers out to grab a bite to eat at one of the many hip eateries and bars. A trip to the Wynwood neighborhood is a sure-fire way to see what makes Miami magical.