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Ulupalakua Ranch

In the southern region of Maui near Haleakala lies Ulupalakua Ranch, the second largest cattle ranch on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Ulupalakua Ranch covers 18,000 acres stretching from the ocean up the sloping side of Haleakala Volcano. The ranch reaches an elevation of 6,000 feet at its highest point. Visitors to the ranch will mostly hang out at 2,000 feet, which still boasts incredible views of Maui and the nearby islands of Lanai and Molokai. The views are a big draw of Ulupalakua Ranch, but they aren't the only reason people like to visit it while traveling in Maui.

Ulupalakua Ranch also has many activities visitors can partake in. Horseback riding is available through Makena Stables. Wine enthusiasts will enjoy visiting as Ulupalakua Ranch is home to the only winery on the island. Sporting clay shooting is also available, which lets you shoot at a variety of stands, some with moving parts.



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最後の噴火から200年以上経過している休火山、ハレアカラ山の麓に広がる美しい農業地帯アップカントリーを訪ね、一生忘れられないマウイの味を体験してみてください。有名な甘いマウイゴールドパイナップルを味わってください。海抜4000フィート (約1200メートル) ...  続きを読む

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経験豊富で親切なツアー添乗員が、マウイ島でのお客様のご宿泊先まで無料でお迎えに上がります。お客様の特別ツアーは、お客様のニーズに合わせてカスタマイズされます。朝に出発した後、直進ルートを通って東側の熱帯地方へ向かいます。そこでは、雄大な海岸線、緑豊かな熱帯雨林、目を見張るような滝を見ることができます。乗客15名収容のツ ...  続きを読む

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