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Maui Tropical Plantation

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For a look at what Maui's agricultural life once looked like, visit Maui Tropical Plantation – a sort of plantation theme park that's also still a working plantation.

Maui Tropical Plantation covers about 60 acres, and was originally designed to turn the island's rich agricultural history into a tourist attraction. There is a tram ride you can take, which includes a narrated tour of the plantation and historic information. You'll learn about crops for which Maui is famous – sugar cane, pineapple, coffee, bananas, and macadamia nuts, among other things. You can even try your hand at husking a coconut.

In addition to the crops themselves, the plantation also features the Maui Country Store, which is full of products made on the island of Maui. There's an on-site restaurant, too, where you can sample some of the fresh fruits you see growing in the fields all around you.




口コミ 38件

マウイ・バリュー・パスは、お得な料金で4つの家族向けアトラクションが楽しめる観光パスです。このパスを利用すると、アトランティス・マウイ・サブマリン・アドベンチャーでの海中探検や、マウイ・オーシャン・センター、マウイ・トロピカル・プランテーション、ベイリー・ハウス・ミュージアムの見学ができます。 続きを読む

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