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The town of Kahului on Maui is often just the starting point for vacations on the island, but if you've got a bit of spare time there are some good reasons to explore Kahului before moving on.

Kahului is one of the main shopping destinations for Maui residents, and it's home to one of Hawaii's largest airports. Besides shopping, however, you can also check out the Kanaha Beach Park and Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary. The former is a relatively hidden beach (behind the airport), and the latter is a bird sanctuary with some endangered Hawaiian bird species. There's also a botanical gardens featuring solely native Hawaiian flora. The town's history is closely tied to the sugar industry, which you can trace at Kahului's Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum. Many visitors to Kahului know it as the starting point for the scenic Hana Highway (also known as the Road to Hana), which winds more than 50 miles along the northern shore of the island from Kahului to Hana.




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ハワイ、東マウイの有名なハナハイウェイ——そこを少し逸れた場所に、自然の美に満ちた滝や熱帯雨林が隠されています。その美に触れるハイキングに出かけましょう。ハワイでも有数の人気を誇る渓谷地帯へと分け入る、所要時間5〜6時間の遠征ツアーです。この渓谷では、短い距離の間に滝がいくつも連なって流れています。のんびりとハイキング ...  続きを読む

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マウイ島カフルイ海岸でスタンド アップ パドル ボード

このツアーでは、スタンド アップ パドル ボードでゆっくりとこいで進みます。催行会社がほとんどの技術レベルに対応します。また、シット ダウン ボードもリクエストに応じて利用できます。 続きを読む

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