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Old Trafford

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Old Trafford Stadium, also known as the Manchester United Football Ground, has been home to Manchester United F.C. since 1910. With a capacity of more than 75,000, it is the second largest football stadium in the United Kingdom after Wembley Stadium and the ninth largest in all of Europe. The stadium was used by American soldiers to play baseball during World War I and was used as a depot by the military in World War II, sustaining significant damage from German bombings. The pitch is surrounded by four stands, each with two tiers, except for the South, which has only one. The Alex Ferguson Stand, named for the longest-serving manager in Manchester United history, is where visitors will find the museum, trophy room and the Red Café. The South Stand is where the VIPs tend to be found and the West Stand is traditionally where the most diehard fans congregate.



マンチェスター ユナイテッド博物館とオールド トラフォードのスタジアムツアー

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オールド・トラッフォードのマンチェスター・ユナイテッド・ツアーに参加して、イングランドの名門クラブの歴史に浸りましょう。ツアー時間は75分間。その間にミュージアムで最新のインタラクティブ体験を楽しめるほか、現地ガイドに案内されてのロッカールームツアー、またトンネルを抜けてピッチに入り、マネージャー控え室も見学できます。 ...  続きを読む

  • ロケーション: マンチェスター, イギリス
  • 所要時間: 75分
  • 言語: 英語 日本語
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