Museum of Natural Sciences

Museum of Natural Sciences
Featuring unique exhibits in zoology, paleontology, evolution, biodiversity and geology, this is a wonderful place to get a sense of our natural world while in Madrid. With over 6 million objects on exhibit, there is not only a wide collection of species from around the globe but also an excellent representation of the plant and animal life in Spain and the Mediterranean. 

Founded by King Charles III, the museum dates back to the 18th century. Since then it has been promoting environmentalism and groundbreaking scientific research in Spain. The permanent collection on museums and fossils includes impressive dinosaur skeletons, while tools, arms, and artistic objects from all continents and periods of history represent humanity’s presence. A walk in the Mediterranean garden allows for an understanding of the local habitat. The Stone Garden composed or rock and petrified trees is particularly unique. Together the many collections of centuries-old objects allow for a walk through the history of the natural world.
住所: Calle José Gutierrez Abascal, 2, Madrid, Spain 28006, スペイン

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