Madrid Wax Museum (Museo de Cera)

With two levels of more than 400 wax statues of historic figures, the Madrid Wax Museum is an excellent introduction to periods of history and those who impacted the world at that time. An incredible range of wax figures from all eras is on display, from Napoleon, Cleopatra and Christopher Columbus to modern day celebrities like Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas. The museum is constantly updated with figures of the world old and new.

In other rooms, a collection of Spanish monarchs and Catholic leaders brings history to life. There is a section dedicated to children’s figures such as Snow White, the Simpsons, and Harry Potter. Those interested in a scarier experience will appreciate the ‘Terror Train’ journey through a dungeon of figures such as Dracula and Freddy Kruger. Beyond the wax figures, there is even a Simulator ride that takes visitors on a journey through modern space, and a telling of the History of Spain by an animatronic Emperor Charles I.
住所: Paseo de Recoletos, 41, Madrid, Spain 28004, スペイン

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