Bullfighting Museum

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Bullfighting Museum
There isn’t much that’s more Spanish than bullfighting, and visitors to the country are often curious about the gory, controversial sport. What better place to learn and form your own opinion than in the country’s national Bullfighting Museum, which features a collection of memorabilia and works to tell the story of bullfighting in Spain. Arranged chronologically, there is a variety of art — sculptures, drawings, paintings, and portraits of bullfighters, as well as matador costumes. Perhaps the most famous bullfighting outfit is the ‘traje de luces’ or suit of lights, and the museum has one worn by bullfighting legend Manolete on display.

The museum provides a glimpse into the interesting subculture of bullfighting and its history and tradition. Many of the items shown have been donated by famous figures in bullfighting. Don’t miss the collection of Goya’s depictions of the sport. The museum is set within the largest bullring in Spain.
住所: Calle de Alcalá, 237, Madrid, Spain 28028, スペイン

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