Maritime Museum

Macau’s heritage has long been linked with the sea, and the Maritime Museum celebrates the connection while tracing the maritime histories of Portugal, China and Macau. Fittingly enough, Macau’s oldest museum opened in 1987 near the spot believed to be where the first Portuguese traders came ashore.

Visitors to the Maritime Museum’s exhibits begin with an introduction to A-Ma, the goddess of the sea and protector of seafarers who gave Macau its name. Other exhibits delve into fishing techniques, model boats, navigational instruments, a collection of maps and a model of the Guia Lighthouse, the oldest on the South China coast.

Visitors will also find four aquariums, each representing a different aquatic environment: a riverbed, deep water, harbor and coral reef. A few outdoor exhibits include a real dragon boat similar to the ones raced during the annual Dragon Boat Festival.

Practical Info

The Maritime Museum is closed on Tuesdays. Children under 10 get free admission. 
住所: 1 Largo do Pagode da Barra, Macau, China, 中国
営業時間: Wed-Mon 10am-6pm
入場料: Standard: MOP$10, Discount: MOP$5, Child Under 10 Free



+81 6 4560 2975
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