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Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke)

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The Chapel Bridge (or Kapellbrücke) in Lucerne is a 204 meter (670 foot) long bridge crossing the Reuss River located in the upper part of the Swiss city. It was originally constructed in 1333 as a fortification to help protect Lucerne from attacks and is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe. Inside the bridge are a collection of paintings from the 17th century, depicting various events and important saints from Lucerne's history. Much of the bridge and artwork were destroyed in a 1993 fire, but it was promptly restored. The 140 feet (43 meter) tall Wasserturm (Water Tower), an octagonal tower made from brick, is adjacent to the bridge. The tower has served as a prison, torture chamber, watchtower and treasury for the city in the past. Today the tower is a part of the city wall and is used as a club room for a traditionalist association. As a result, the inside of the tower is not open for public viewing.




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このチューリヒからティトリス山に登る日帰り旅行で、思わず息をのむほど美しい雪山の絶景を堪能してください。まずは、素敵な町ルツェルンの街角を歩くガイドツアーとそれに続く自由時間で、魅力あふれるこの街を目いっぱいお楽しみください。その後、スイスアルプスのエンゲルベルクに向かい、回転式ロープウェイで雄大なティトリス山に登り、 ...  続きを読む

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この終日のアルプスツアーでは、チューリッヒの賑わいから抜け出し、ルツェルン湖周辺で穏やかな時間を過ごし、「スイスアルプスの女王」リギ山と、美しい湖畔の街ルツェルンを散策します。 ...  続きを読む

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