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Canterbury and Dover Day Trips from London

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Those wanting to learn more about the Cathedral’s illustrious history can head to the nearby Canterbury Tales museum, where Chaucer’s famous characters are brought to life in an entertaining medieval recreation, but there’s more to the city than its most famous building. Spend your free time wandering around the Old Town, visiting sights like the ancient St Martin's Church, the oldest church still in use in the English-speaking world, the tilting 16th Century Sir John Boys' House and the ruins of the Norman-era Canterbury Castle. If you’ve still got time, take a boat trip along the River Stour or stroll through the pretty Dane John Gardens.

The quickest way to reach Canterbury is by train (just over 1 hour), but taking a guided Canterbury tour from London means you can combine your visit with nearby sights like the majestic Leeds Castle in Kent or the famous White Cliffs of Dover, both of which lie close by.



リーズ城、ドーバー海峡の白亜の崖、カンタベリーを巡るロンドン発日帰り旅行 - 大聖堂ガイドツアー付き

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ロンドンの喧騒を逃れて英国の田園地帯に向かい、リーズ城、カンタベリー大聖堂、ドーバーを観光する日帰りのツアーです。 ...  続きを読む

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