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Leeds Castle

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Constantly undergoing alterations and upkeep in its 900 year history, its condition is amongst the best condition Europe’s medieval era landmarks. The castle is currently riddled with lovely accumulated décor such as tapestries, ceramics and paintings. Surrounded by Kent County's gorgeous landscape, the castle grounds contain an aviary, grotto, and golf course. Not to mention that it also makes its facilities open year-round for larger-scale events. And if that isn't enough, visit the castle's hedge maze, which uses over 2,400 yew trees. As a little incentive to complete the tricky maze, the only viable entrance to the grotto is located at its end.



リーズ城、ドーバー海峡の白亜の崖、カンタベリーを巡るロンドン発日帰り旅行 - 大聖堂ガイドツアー付き

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ロンドンの喧騒を逃れて英国の田園地帯に向かい、リーズ城、カンタベリー大聖堂、ドーバーを観光する日帰りのツアーです。 ...  続きを読む

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