City of London

Also known as the Square Mile, the City of London is a subset of London that covers the area that was once within the original ancient walls built by the Romans centuries ago. Today, it is best known as a center for international finance. While not a standard London borough, the city has its own governance, separate ceremonial county and population of just over 8,000. Officially recognized as an independent entity, it even has its own police force and maintains a unique feel separate from the rest of London.

The major City of London sights are St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.  Other attractions include the Bank of England, Mansion House, the Monument, the Barbican Estate and the Museum of London.

Practical Info

The City of London lies within walking distance from Southwark, West End and the South Bank.  There are 11 underground stations in the city, the most central being Bank and Monument. It is also possible to arrive by train or by boat on the Thames.

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