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Château de Chambord

Château de Chambord is perhaps the most iconic of the Loire Valley castles, with its multi-gabled roof, palatial grounds and opulent interior. The 15th-century castle, which took “only” 28 years to build and has had no additions in the ensuing centuries, receives well over half a million visitors a year. And unlike many of the castles in the region, it's possible to spend an entire day at Chambord; there are carriage rides, boat and bike rentals, walking trails through the forest and a full calendar of programs and exhibitions throughout the year.

Of course, that's not to take away from the château itself. From its double-helix staircases to the fantastic views from the rooftop and the interiors that represent several centuries worth of decorating, Château de Chambord is what one has in mind when thinking of the castles of the Loire Valley.




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ロワール渓谷で最も名高い3つの城をパリからの1日ツアーで訪ねましょう。美しいシュノンソー城、私有のシュヴェルニー城、そして中でも最も壮大とされるシャンボール城です。ルネッサンス期の河岸の城でフランス王室と貴族の豪華絢爛を目にし、「城での生活」について知りましょう。 注意: ...  続きを読む

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フランス最長のロワール川流域に点在する古城の数々。中でもフランス史を語るときに欠かせない優美なシュノンソー城と狩猟用に建てられたシャンボール城を見学し、ルネッサンスの粋を集めた華麗な城アンボワーズ城と隣接するダ・ヴィンチ終焉の館クロ・リュセを訪ねます。途中、ロワール特有の釜焼きパンも取り入れたシンプルなフランスの田舎料 ...  続きを読む

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