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Albert Dock

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Liverpool’s wealth came from the shipping trade over the centuries, and the city’s maritime legacy is celebrated at the revitalized waterfront area known as Albert Dock.

The dock is lined with sturdy five-story warehouses, restored and reinvigorated to house boutiques, museums, restaurants and bars. The mix of Victorian-era cast-iron columns, Grade I-listed buildings and waterfront walkways creates an evocative atmosphere, where the past seamlessly melds with the present. There’s plenty to do at Albert Dock, the location of many of Liverpool’s most popular attractions. View contemporary art at the Tate Liverpool gallery, delve into seafaring history at the Merseyside Maritime Museum, or take a poignant journey through the history of the slave trade at the International Slavery Museum. The Beatles Story is also at Albert Dock, a must-do for music fans of all ages.



リバプール・ドゥー・ザ・ダブル リバークルーズとオープントップ・シティー観光バスツアーのコンビネーション チケット

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このコンボ・チケットで、リバプールのユニークな景色の一番良いところを見て、その魅力的な歴史を学ぼう。この素晴らしい50分間のリバー探検クルーズとシティー探検オープントップ・バスツアーの組み合わせで、魅力的なシティーの一番良い景色を発見することができます。 続きを読む

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