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Montejunto Mountain

Standing at 666 meters (2,185 feet), the rocky peak of Montejunto sits north of Lisbon and is one of Portugal’s 30 protected landscapes; as the highest point on the horizon, it has unsurpassed views from the Salvé Rainha Viewpoint. When the weather permits, it is possible to see the Berlengas Islands floating out to the west in the Atlantic, the renowned surfers’ paradise of Nazaré, and the River Tagus flood plains unfolding to the south. The lower flanks of Montejunto are intensely farmed, while higher up the hill is swathed in pine, chestnut and oak trees; its upper reaches of limestone rock are pockmarked with gorges, caves and underground caverns. Evidence of ancient settlement on the slopes of the mountain includes several pre-historic necropolises and the countryside is also dotted with cheery white-and-blue windmills. It is a magnet for climbers, hikers, cyclists and twitchers, who come to see the 75 bird species – some endangered – identified in the area.