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Fine Arts Museum (Musee des Beaux Arts)

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Lille's Fine Arts Museum, or Palais des Beaux-Arts, is a giant - only the Louvre tops it for size among France's museums, and its collection is suitably illustrious. It was instituted in 1801 as part of Napoleon's push to bring art to the masses. It's housed in a splendid Belle Époque building dating from the late 1890s.

Stroll through the rooms and you'll find all the stars: Rubens and van Dyck, Picasso and Redon, Corot, Delacroix and David. There is also a wonderful decorative arts collection and a special curio: a selection of 18th-century models of fortified cities.




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1.15時間でリール市内の素晴らしさに触れて下さい。ミニバスでリールの歴史的な名所を見てまわり、昔ながらの街並みが残る地区から最も現代的な地区まで、水と緑の空間に沿って並外れた街の全景を味わいましょう。   続きを読む

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