Cactus Gardens (Jardin de Cactus)

Cactus gets its due respect at this wildly prickly Lanzarote garden, which was inaugurated in 1990. The Jardín de Cactus is the final brainchild of beloved island native César Manrique, the painter, sculptor and architect whose work famously balanced both art and nature. The cactarium, which occupies a former quarry, is home to 7,200 cactus plants and 1,100 different species, all originating from far-off places such as the Americas and Africa.

While there, you can wander the various levels of the amphitheater-shaped garden by traversing its many paths, all lined by peculiar rock formations, various water features and of course, the thorny plants themselves. Spy the giant Don Quijote-style windmill that tops the garden, then take a garden-break by visiting the artisanal goods-filled shop, or by grabbing a bite to eat at the restaurant and terrace.

Practical Info

The best way to get to the Cactus Gardens is by car. Located in the northeastern Lanzarote town of Gautiza and surrounded more or less by agricultural land, the gardens are identifiable from the main road thanks to a giant eight-meter-tall cactus. To take advantage of optimal lighting and to encounter fewer crowds, plan to make your visit during the afternoon. 
住所: Carretera General del Norte, s/n Guatiza, Lanzarote, スペイン
営業時間: Daily 10 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.
入場料: Adults: 5,50 Euros; Children 7-12: 2,75 Euros

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