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Coniston Water

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The third-largest lake in the English Lake District doesn’t fail to impress; at 5 miles (8 km) long, 184 feet (56 m) deep and half a mile (0.8 km) wide, it has been a favorite of kayak and canoe aficionados for several decades now and continues to entice visitors seeking stunning scenery and a feel for the much-hyped Lake District. Once the main fish source for the monks of Furness Abbey in the 13th century, it is now the home of the elegant, Victorian-era steam yacht Gondola, which sails from one end of the lake to the other between March and November.

Around the lake, there are three main villages, Coniston, Brantwood and Hawkshead, where visitors can sleep, eat, drink and shop as they please. Hawkshead is particularly lovely and easy to explore on foot, featuring charming cobble lanes and the fan-favorite Beatrix Potter Gallery.




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イギリスに、湖水地方の山々の雄大さを凌ぐ存在は他にありません。 この日帰り旅行では、1世紀にローマ皇帝ハドリアヌス率いるローマ軍によって築かれたルートをたどります。 途中、広大なローマ軍砦跡ハードノット(Hardknott Roman Fort)を見学しながら、イングランドで最も険しい峠を越え、ウィンダミアに戻ります。 続きを読む

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