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Heian Shrine

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No wonder this serene destination was once featured in "Lost in Translation" the Heian Shrine is easily one of Kyoto's most beautiful. Built in 1884 to mark the 1,100th anniversary of the city, and was dedicated to its first and last emporer's, it is an astounding two-thirds scale replica of the Imperial Palace of the Heian period, and is just as beautiful.

On a nice day, a tour through the stunning bridge and onto any one of its four majestic gardens will relax any weary traveler. Whether it is through the iris, filled pond of the Nishi Shin'en, writing a haiku next to one of the radiating weeping cherry trees of the Heian-style Minami Shin'en, or just taking a leisurely stroll through the magnificence of the stone pillars in the Naka Shin'en, your visit to the Shrine's gardens is a sight that will not be soon forgotten.




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京都の祇園で着物もしくは浴衣(夏季)をレンタルし、着付けてもらえる体験です。伝統衣装を身につけて、市内を歩いてまわり、観光できます。 続きを読む

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