Galicia Jewish Museum

Galicia Jewish Museum
Entirely dedicated to honoring Holocaust victims and celebrating Jewish culture of the former Austro-Hungarian region of Galicia through photographs, this museum features poignant and contemporary exhibits that will leave no one indifferent. It highlights a time in Poland when the Jewish community flourished, choosing to focus on what was and what remains, rather than on what was annihilated. The main exhibition, called Traces of Memory, presents the work of photojournalist Chris Schwarz and depicts what is left of the Austro-Hungarian’s heritage through photographs of cemeteries, houses, synagogues and other structures that are still visible today, and that once were at the heart of the Galician Jewish community; it also features video testimony of survivors. Additionally, the Museum also hosts two to three temporary exhibitions as well as concerts and other commemorative events. Through its various exhibits, cultural center, and impressive Jewish library, the museum has been aspiring to transform the misconceptions about the Jewish heritage in Poland ever since it’s opening in 2004.
住所: Dajwór 18, Krakow, Poland, ポーランド

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