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カウアイ島のナ・パリコーストは、美しい海岸、マリーンライフやウォータースポーツで有名です。 24kmの海岸線は、断崖、白い砂浜、ターコイズブルーの海があり、カウアイの代表的な景観が見えます。  ...  続きを読む

Wailua River

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Kauai’s Wailua River runs from the volcanic Wailua crater to the coast, flowing through the Wailua River State Park. It’s Hawaii’s only navigable river, so make the most of the experience with a ...  続きを読む


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Kauai’s capital city is Lihue, though with a population in the low thousands, ‘city’ may be overstating things a little. It is the island’s main shopping destination, however, with a Macy’s and ...  続きを読む

Kilauea Lighthouse

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Guarding the tip of Kilauea Point since 1913, this historic Kilauea Lighthouse is one of Kauai’s most visited attractions. One of the most intact historic lighthouses in the USA, the lighthouse ...  続きを読む

Hanalei Bay

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One of Kauai’s most beautiful stretches of water, Hanalei Bay is a hub for watersports on the island’s north shore. Flanked by idyllic stretches of beach and backed by mountains, the bayside town ...  続きを読む

Spouting Horn

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When the island of Kauai erupted from the sea between 4 and 5 million years ago, parts of the coastline were riddled with tubes where molten lava once flowed. One of those spots is the Spouting Horn ...  続きを読む

Waimea Valley

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Once named the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” by Mark Twain, Waimea Valley is the gateway to one of Kauai’s most impressive natural sights, Waimea Canyon. At 26 miles across and 21 miles long, Waimea ...  続きを読む

Kalalau Lookout

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The Napali Coast tops nearly everyone’s Kauai bucketlists with its sheer green undulating cliffs dropping directly into cerulean waters. The Kalalau Trail takes you back in and along Napali’s ...  続きを読む

Kauai Coffee Company

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There was once a time when the island of Kauai was awash in waving green sugar. When the last mill closed down, however, in October of 2009, the island was left searching for a new crop to step in ...  続きを読む

Fern Grotto

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Perfect acoustics and gorgeous scenery come together at Fern Grotto, the highlight of a cruise on the Wailua River. A natural amphitheater, the fern-filled grotto provides a unique venue for ...  続きを読む

Wailua Falls

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Kauai is known as “The Garden Isle” for its exceptionally verdant beauty, and when you first catch sight of Wailua Falls it’s easy to understand why. Spilling 80 feet over a rocky ledge into a fresh ...  続きを読む

Menehune Fish Pond


The Menehune Fishpond is scenic—set amid lush jungle where craggy mountains are close enough to frame the edges of a killer sunset photo shot. But this giant pool of green-brown water has been ...  続きを読む

Mt Waialeale


Be prepared for more colors of green than you’ve ever seen before in the area surrounding Kauai’s central Mt. Waialeale—it’s one of the wettest places on planet Earth, receiving more than 450 inches ...  続きを読む

Opaekaa Falls


Kaua‘i, is green, and Kaua‘i is wet—but that’s also why it’s so beautiful. Parts of the island receive over 400 inches of rainfall every year, and all that rain means the “Garden Isle” is dripping ...  続きを読む