ヨハネスブルクの観光スポット 目的地を全て表示 

Montecasino Bird Gardens

Located in northern Johannesburg, Montecasino is first and foremost a Vegas-like gaming complex, complete with casino games, shopping and restaurants. It’s also home to the Montecasino Bird Gardens. This walk-through aviary houses more than 1,000 birds representing over 60 species, including Nicobar pigeons and the colorful Scarlet ibis. Other animals — reptiles, amphibians and a few mammals like antelope, sloth and lemur — also call the gardens home. The garden’s collection of more than 750 South African Cycads representing 37 species is the largest private collection of its kind in the world. One specimen is estimated to be more than 2,500 years old.

Twice daily on weekdays and three times daily on weekends, Montecasino Bird Gardens presents a 40-minute Flight of Fantasy educational bird show. Cafe Flamingo serves refreshments overlooking the flamingo pond.