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Todai-ji Temple

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Located in Deer Park (Nara Park) in Nara, about 35 minutes from Osaka by train, Todaiji Temple is one of Japan’s most famous and historically significant Buddhist temples. Originally built in the year 752, the temple as it exists today dates back to 1709. The main hall, called Big Buddha Hall (Daibutsuden), is the world’s largest wooden building, even though it’s a third smaller than the original hall from the 700s.

The greatest attraction in the Todaiji Temple complex is the enormous bronze Buddha statue (Japan’s largest) housed with the massive main hall. When the temple was first built, Emperor Shomu planned for Todaiji to serve as the headquarters of Buddhism throughout Japan, and he ordered the casting of the statue as part of that plan. The 50-foot-tall (15-meter-tall) statue required eight castings to complete.

According to local legend, anyone able to squeeze through the hole in the pillar located behind the Big Buddha achieves enlightenment.




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このツアーはお手頃料金かつ文化的内容に富んだバス旅行で、大阪を出発して京都や奈良を訪れます。目的地は京都の嵐山、金閣寺、奈良公園の東大寺です。梅田やなんばのホテルに近い便利な出発場所がご利用いただけるため、日本旅行を充実させるにはうってつけのツアーです。 続きを読む

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大阪から京都、奈良と神戸を訪れる日帰り旅行です。 ツアーには以下の目的地が含まれます。 京都の嵐山、金閣寺、奈良の東大寺と奈良公園、神戸の MOSAIC。梅田のホテル、なんばといった便利な場所から参加できるツアーは文化的に充実した、それでいて手軽な旅になること間違いなしです! 続きを読む

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