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Jurassic Land

Deemed the best dinosaur museum in the world by many, Jurassic Land is not only a place to enjoy dinosaurs but also to learn about them in a whole new way. Dinosaur bones were uncovered during the construction of the shopping mall inside which Jurassic Land is located; the rest is history. These magnificent and extinct beasts come alive at Jurassic Land thanks to the life-size, moving models of over 70 dinosaurs linked to each other through a witty and clever scenario. Various exhibitions tell the story of dinosaurs, their features, their abilities and their daily life, as well as their sudden and tragic disappearance through interactive displays and 65-million-year-old skeletons. Jurassic Land also boasts a massive six-dimension cinema with special effects that takes guests on extreme air, underwater and land journeys, a special cave where kids can dig for bones and be rewarded with a “Explorer Paleontologist” certificate, a gift shop, and a relaxing garden.