Zipolite, or Playa Zipolite, is a beach community that is often referred to as Mexico’s hippie haven. This 1.5-kilometer stretch of beach seems lost in time with its slow pace of life. The beach is divided into several areas—the eastern end is called Colonia Playa del Amor, the central part is Centro and the western end is Colonia Roca Blanca. There is really only one main street in Zipolite: Avenida Roca Blanca, or El Adoquín. It was once the only paved road in Zipolite, but three residential area streets are now paved as well.

Don’t expect the party zone like you find in other parts of Mexico like Cancun, but visitors can take part in the surfing, a major draw to Zipolite. You won’t find high-rise hotels or large fancy restaurants with huge fishbowl-style drinks, but instead, look for the main street for a carnival atmosphere in the evenings, with artists, musicians and street vendors making an appearance.

Colonia Roca Blanca is really the central neighborhood in Zipolite and was named after the large, white rock just offshore. The area has grown but still attracts crowds of yoga gurus, surfers and musicians that pass through town. During high season, the area’s small bars and nightclubs see more activity.

Zipolite’s beach is pristine with clear water and golden sands. You may recognize it from the Mexican blockbuster film “Y tu mamá también.” While swimming is allowed, it is not always recommended due to strong waves and undertow.

Practical Info

Zipolite has garnered a lot of fame due to its reputation as Mexico’s only nude beach. Total nudity is really only common on the western end of the beach, or at the small eastern cove of Playa del Amor. 
住所: Zipolite, Mexico, メキシコ
営業時間: Daily

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