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Chase Tower

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As they say, “everything’s bigger in Texas,” and the skyscrapers here are no exception to the rule. Houston has some of the best skyscraper architecture in the world, and the Chase Tower is a proud addition to that list. Standing 75 stories tall and topping out at just over 1000 feet, the Chase Tower is just under three-and-a-half football fields tall and boasts a unique five-sided design with expansive 85-foot wide glass running up its western face. This audacious height makes the Chase Tower the tallest building in Houston, and correspondingly makes for incredible photo opportunities from the ground or high atop the tower itself.

Guests can ascend to the Sky Lounge on the 60th floor and roam about at their leisure. The Sky Lounge boasts panoramic views of downtown Houston, and from here you can point out every major building in Houston – making a visit to the Chase Tower one of the best free things to do in the downtown Houston area.