Smithy’s Garden

This private estate and spice garden is rich with orchards, vegetables, spice plants and tropical flower gardens. It is divided into two sections, one representing the old gardens and the other the new. The old garden is home to everything flowering—including large fruit trees and colorful flowers. The orchards grow everything from bananas and avocados to sugarcane, and visitors can see the tropical citrus fruits the Caribbean is famous for, as well as its colorful ornamental flowers—orchids, ferns, roses and the national flower of Grenada, the bougainvillea.

The “new” garden is an area recovering from the devastation of 2004’s Hurricane Ivan. It’s a community project that grows and protects Grenada’s native plants such as ginger lilies and heliconia. There are even more fruit trees to wander through, including passionfruit vines and several different types of palms. Tropical plants and fruits of all shapes, sizes and uses can be seen here. Though the gardens are maintained, the area maintains a wild, jungle-like atmosphere and a sense of these plants thriving in their natural environment. 

Practical Info

Smithy’s Garden is located just past Fort Frederick and is open to the public by appointment.
住所: Morne Jaloux, St. George's, Grenada, グレナダ
営業時間: Tours by appointment

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