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Delphi is the second-most important archeological site in Greece (after the Acropolis in Athens). In ancient times Delphi was considered the place where ...  続きを読む


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アクロポリスは「高い都市」を意味し、紀元前5世紀に建設された古代ギリシアのポリスのシンボルとなった小高い丘です。アテネの街のいたるところから見えるアクロポリスの丘の上には、古代ギリシアの神殿であるパルテノン神殿がそびえ建っています。紀元前510年、アテネを全盛期へと導いた最高権力者ペリクレスは、デルフォイの神託を受け ...  続きを読む

Temple of Poseidon

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Follow the road to Cape Sounion, circling the idyllic Saronic Gulf, and you come to one of the most iconic sights in Greece: the columns of the Temple of ...  続きを読む


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メテオラは、ギリシャ中部に位置する奇岩群と、そそり立つ岩の塔に建設された修道院共同体です。まるで空中に浮かんでいるような美しさをもつこの修道院は、14世紀に正教会の修道士によって建設されました。その自然と人間が作り出した壮大な景観は、世界遺産に登録されています。  ...  続きを読む

Kamari Beach

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With its wide-arching strip of beach dotted with striped umbrellas, it’s easy to see why Kamari Beach is resort central on Santorini. The Brits feel at home ...  続きを読む

Ancient Thira

The archaeological site at Akrotiri may be closed, but fortunately you can get your fill of excavations at the site of Ancient Thira. There’s a mix of ruins ...  続きを読む

Agora of Athens

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The political and social heart of the ancient city of Athens, the famous Agora of Athens (or the Forum of Athens) is one of the city's most important ...  続きを読む

Chania Old Town

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Lying on the north coast of Crete just west of Heraklion, Chania is Crete’s most charming old town and also one of its most historic areas. Mosques, ...  続きを読む

Red Beach

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Most of Santorini’s pocket-sized beaches are made of dark volcanic sand and pebbles set against black, austere cliffs, but perhaps its most unusual beach is ...  続きを読む

Nea Kameni

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Centered around a ruggedly beautiful volcanic crater, the small island of Nea Kameni offers a dramatic photo opportunity, with its dark cliffs sculpted from ...  続きを読む

Monument of Lysicrates

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The Monument of Lysicrates is the best preserved choragic monument in Athens, Greece. In ancient times, statues like this one were built as a base for placing ...  続きを読む

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

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Herodes Atticus was an aristocratic and wealthy Greek who funded several great building projects in ancient Athens, including the Odeum (also Odeon or ...  続きを読む


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The city of Corinth, which lies atop the Peloponnese, conjoining the Greek mainland and the Peloponnesian peninsula, was once a jewel of antiquity, and today ...  続きを読む

Kotzia Square

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Kotzia Square is located in central Athens, Greece and is lined with neo-classical buildings from the 19th century. One of the buildings here is the City Hall ...  続きを読む


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The little island of Thirassia has a population of only 200 or so, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing lunch at a cliff-top taverna, with views over to ...  続きを読む