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Mather Point

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One of the sites most visitors encounter when they enter the South Rim is Mather Point. It’s an astonishing, breathtaking glimpse into the Grand Canyon. Best of all, you’re a short walk to the Canyon View Information Plaza, where you can pick up park information and begin your journey into the Canyon.

Mather Point has quite an extensive viewing area, set as it is on the south side of the Colorado River. Two narrow, railed overlooks, built on projecting rocks, provide views along the rim in both directions. The panorama extends from the lower end of Garden Creek, taking in some of the Bright Angel Trail, and a spectacular view over the deep canyon of Pipe Creek. To the west, you can jump on the Rim Trail, which offers more scenic vistas on its way to Yavapai Point. You can also see Bright Angel Creek, on the North Rim, between a collection of red buttes and ravines. A stop here is an excellent introduction to the Grand Canyon.



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3時間のサウス リムVIPツアーで、グランド キャニオン国立公園で最も有名な地域を訪れます。ここでは、絵のような景色が広がる場所から最も広大で深い谷の景観を眺めることができます。 フーバー ダム、ルート66鉄道博物館、マーサ ポイント(Mather Point)、ヤバパイ ポイント(Yavapai ...  続きを読む

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