Plaza and Mirador de San Nicolás

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Plaza and Mirador de San Nicolás
The biggest draw of Granada’s Albaycin quarter (the old Moorish quarter) is the hilltop Mirador de San Nicolás, a small plaza that lies in front of San Nicolás Church. This lookout point offers panoramic views spanning the city center, the distant Sierra Nevada Mountains, Rio Darro canyon and, most famously, the grand Alhambra palace.
The Basics
This square is a lively place any time of day, with craftsmen, flamenco dancers, and street musicians setting up along the paving stones to entertain visitors. At dusk, crowds of locals and tourists turn out to watch the sunset over the palace grounds before adjourning to restaurants and tea shops on nearby Elvira Street. Visit on a group or private walking tour of the Albaycin quarter.
Things to Know Before You Go
  • This is a hot spot to photograph sunsets over the Alhambra.
  • Be mindful of potential pickpockets because they are attracted to the throngs of tourists here.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes because it’s a bit of a climb up the windy, narrow cobblestone streets to the plaza.
How to Get There
You can reach Mirador de San Nicolás on foot or via public transportation. It’s a 25-minute walk from the Alhambra, uphill via Carrera del Darro, or you can take the city’s minibus lines C1 or C2 (which is less frequent) from Plaza Nueva. Taxis are also readily available from Plaza Nueva.
When to Get There
Mirador de San Nicolas is always bustling, especially in the evening when visitors come to watch the sunset over the Alhambra. If you want to catch the views without the crowds, head there in the morning hours. Also, keep in mind that the prime photo-taking spots are usually congested, so you may have to wait to snap the perfect pic.
Nearby Plaza Nueva
In the center of Granada lies Plaza Nueva, a bustling hub of activity that’s filled with bars and tapas restaurants. Located at the foot of the Alhambra, the square sees plenty of passersby throughout the day as they make their way to the city’s top tourist attraction. It’s also a prime spot for people-watching and for taking a break from sightseeing.
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