La Ermita de San Miguel Alto

La Ermita de San Miguel Alto
Granada is hardly short on impressive lookout points, but when it comes to the one that rises above the rest—both literally and figuratively—La Ermita de San Miguel Alto wins the prize. Situated atop one of Granada’s northeastern hills, the tiny church offers views of the whole city, from the Albaicín neighborhood to the Alhambra fortress, and even beyond to the distant and often-snow-capped mountains.

The hermitage dates back to 1671, when it was built on the site of a former Muslim tower. The church was destroyed come French occupation during the 19th century, and then later reconstructed again. Today, what you see is a humble-but-sweet place of worship, featuring a simple, single-balcony façade, and a far-from-simple panorama of the surrounding landscape. Though it currently isn’t possible to visit the church's interior, the views and solitude will make the journey well worth the uphill effort. Meanwhile, add to the adventure by taking a break in the nearby Sacromonte neighborhood to appreciate some of its famous flamenco.
住所: Camino de la Ermita, Granada, Andalucia 18010, スペイン

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