If you’re into sand tiger sharks or toucans, dinosaurs or all things space-related, Universeum is for you. Gothenburg’s largest science center, there are seven floors of things to do. Check out the Ocean Zone, one of Europe’s largest aquariums, where you’ll see 8 different kinds of shark go wild at feeding time, and touch the sandpaper-like skin of the local rays. Head to the indoor rainforest where you’ll see sloths, monkeys, and butterflies -- look out for poison arrow frogs too. 

Opened in 2001, this huge science center spans 8,000 m2, with hands-on workshops on every level. One of the most popular spots is the Space section, where you can go inside full-sized space capsules and ‘jump’ on the moon. If you have a kid who is interested in being the next Sherlock Holmes, take them to the Crime Lab to learn more about how investigations work. In this section, the kids can also find out how good a witness they’d be. Wannabe paleontologists should check out the dinosaur animatronics on the top floor, too. 

Many of the displays have signs in English, and, as in the norm in Sweden, the staff speak excellent English. There is also an onsite cafe as well as a restaurant.

Practical Info

Located on Södra vägen 50, Universeum is open every day from 10am - 6pm. An adult day ticket to Universeum costs SEK 230, and family tickets are available. 
住所: Södra Vägen 50, Gothenburg, Sweden 400 20, スウェーデン
入場料: SEK 230




+81 6 4560 2975
お問い合わせはこちら:+81 6 4560 2975