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Water Fountains (Jet d'Eau)

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If you’ve seen a panoramic view of Geneva you’ve most likely seen the huge lake Water Fountains, or Jet d’Eau, with its commanding position at the point where the River Rhône empties into Lake Geneva. It started life in the 19th century as a humble safety valve for a hydraulic installation, but is now the city’s foremost symbol.

With every second, some 130 gallons of water are propelled at 125 miles an hour to a maximum height of 150 yards (that's 500 liters at 200 km/h reaching 140 meters). The water shoots into the air before descending in a graceful fan shape back down to the lake, but its exact destination is determined by the strength and direction of the wind. In the warmer months, the fountain is lit during the evening until 11 o’clock.




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この2時間半の市内観光ツアーは、ジュネーブを紹介する格好のツアーです。 特にジュネーブに着いたばかりで、土地勘をつけたいという方はにうってつけです。 この市内観光ツアーにはミニ列車の乗車も含まれ、ジュネーブで最も有名な国際機関や街のトップアトラクションをご案内します。 ...  続きを読む

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  • 所要時間: 2時間 30分
  • 言語: 英語
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