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The Pinnacles

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The rainbow layers of sand that make up The Pinnacles are a spectacular site on the east coast of Fraser Island. They are one of the reasons why Fraser Island has UNESCO World Heritage listing.

Over the last 2 million years sand has been blowing onto the island and formed fascinating geological sites such as the “perched” lakes, the remarkable dunes and these colorful cliffs. The cliffs change in color throughout the day and are particularly startling early morning and sunset when the reds become beautifully vibrant. The Pinnacles get their color from the iron compounds in the silica sands that are blown across the island.

The traditional owners of the land tell a story about a wife running away with the rainbow man and her hunter husband deciding to kill her with a boomerang.




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フレーザー島の美しい自然を満喫する、素晴らしい1日を過ごしてみませんか。ツアーでは、セントラル ステーション、ワングールバ クリーク、マッケンジー湖、イーライ クリーク、75マイル ビーチ、ピナクルズ、マヒノ難破船など、数々の観光名所を散策します。 ...  続きを読む

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