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Seventy-Five Mile Beach

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This stretch of soft white sand is aptly named Seventy-Five Mile Beach due to the fact that it’s 75 miles (121 kilometers) long. Running along majority of Fraser Island’s east coast, the beach offers a number of experiences, although swimming is not advised due to the high number of tiger sharks. That being said off-roading and fishing are popular pastimes on the beach, as is visiting its many attractions. If you are wanting to swim safely there are the Champagne Pools, natural rock pools that feature frothy Champagne-like bubbles when waves crash over the rocks.

Additionally, Indian Head is a rocky outcrop popular for watching stingrays, fish, turtles, dolphins and sharks in the surf. Visitors can also visit the Maheno Wreck, once one of the world’s fastest ships and used for target practice by the Australian Airforce in WWII.




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フレーザー島の美しい自然を満喫する、素晴らしい1日を過ごしてみませんか。ツアーでは、セントラル ステーション、ワングールバ クリーク、マッケンジー湖、イーライ クリーク、75マイル ビーチ、ピナクルズ、マヒノ難破船など、数々の観光名所を散策します。 ...  続きを読む

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