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Lake Wabby

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Lake Wabby, the deepest of the Fraser Island lakes, is a barrage lake that was formed by sand dunes blocking a natural spring that fed the lake. The small freshwater lake is surrounded by forests making it one of Fraser Island’s most picturesque lakes - not to mention that its waters are colored green!

Lake Wabby differs from other lakes on Fraser Island as it supports numerous fish species due to the lack of acidity in the water. You might even catch a glimpse of turtles and catfish while you swim.

Check out lovely Lake Wabby while you still can because in a century or so this lake will be eaten up by the sand dune on its west coast that is slowly taking over the lake.




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世界遺産に登録されたフレーザー島の途方も無い自然美に、心ゆくまで浸りましょう。セントラル・ステーション、ワングールバ・クリーク、パイルバリー、ハマーストーン・サンドブローで景勝ルートを歩き、そしてマッキンジー湖、エリ・クリーク、シャンパンプール、ワビー湖ではキラキラ光る水の中で遊ぶことができます。セブンティーファイブマ ...  続きを読む

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