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Roman Mountain (Römerberg)

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Römerberg (or Roman Mountain) is the historic heart of Frankfurt and often the first stop for tourists. The Town Hall, or Römer, is located on the west side of the square and consists of 3 pink colored buildings with gables built in Gothic style. Römerberg was ravaged by bombings during World War II and was later rebuilt to reflect its original Gothic style.

Römerberg is a beautiful square situated in Frankfurt's Old Town. It is flanked with half-timbered houses, a church, and the Town Hall. Since the 12th century, this square has played an integral role in trade fairs. Travelers came from Italy and France to attend trade fairs in Römerberg. In addition, it was the site major celebrations and festivities, such as the coronation of Holy Roman Emperors, held in the Town Hall.



フランクフルトツアーセット: ハイデルベルク半日ツアーおよびフランクフルト市内観光ツアー

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一日でフランクフルトおよびハイデルベルクを散策できるセットツアーです。まずは、ハイデルベルク城および旧市街、カール・テオドール橋を訪れることができるハイデルベルクへの半日ツアーから開始します。フランクフルトに戻ると、2階建てバスで市街の多様な側面を堪能することができる2時間の観光ツアーをお楽しみいただけます。レーマー広 ...  続きを読む

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