Canoa Quebrada

Surrounded by pink sand dunes, sandstone cliffs and a winding river, Canoa Quebrada is a laid-back beach town blessed with a stunning, natural environment. While the town has grown with the times, it hasn’t lost that mystical feel that first attracted Italian hippies to settle in the area in the 1970s.

People visit Canoa Quebrada for its natural beauty and a healthy dose of the simple life - swim in the aquamarine waters, eat fresh seafood, party at night, and sleep it off on the miles of soft white sand.

There are many ways you can explore the sand dunes, cliffs and rainwater lagoon. Activities available range from buggy tours, kite surfing, horse riding or sailing in the bay – it is possible to visit the area in a day from Fortaleza but, unless you’re pushed for time, this is the kind of place where you don’t want to rush.

Canoa Quebrada’s main street has several bars and restaurants but if you can’t bear to tear yourself away from the beach, there are plenty of barracas (stalls) that sell refreshments.

Practical Info

Canoa Quebrada is 156 km (97 mi) east of Fortaleza. Take the CE-040 east to Aracati. Just past Aracati you'll see a sign for Canoa Quebrada. There are several daily buses to the city of Aracati, located 9 km (5.5 mi) from Canoa. From here it is possible to get a local bus or taxi.

住所: Canoa Quebrada, Ceará, ブラジル
入場料: Free

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