Las Olas Beach

With soft, white sand and clean, calm waters ideal for families and people who like to wade and relax in the ocean, Las Olas Beach is the quintessential Fort Lauderdale beach. The beach offers great sunbathing, and you can also rent beach umbrellas and chairs.

The Basics
Located a few steps from the trendy restaurants and shops of famed Las Olas Avenue, Las Olas Beach feels like a small beach with calm waters and a family-friendly environment during the day. In the evening, things become a bit more lively atmosphere as the nightlife crowd on Las Olas Avenue heats up. In addition to chair and umbrella rentals, you can also rent water sports equipment. 

Things to Know Before You Go
  • The beach has public restrooms.
  • Alcohol and loud music aren’t permitted at this beach. 
  • Chairs and umbrellas rent for about $12 and $20 per day, respectively.

How to Get There
Las Olas Beach is located about 1 mile east of downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You can reach the beach by taking either the No. 11 or 40 bus right to Las Olas Beach. Public parking is available, but spaces can be limited during busier times of the day.

When to Get There
Las Olas Beach is open 24 hours a day throughout the year. If you’re seeking a quieter experience, time your visit for earlier in the morning; a more lively beach scene typically kicks off in the afternoon and early evening, and there’s often a party atmosphere on weekends.

Try a Water Taxi
One of the most interesting ways to get around this area of Fort Lauderdale is by water taxi. You can take a water taxi from Las Olas around Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, hitting up shops, hotels, restaurants, and major attractions, with a narrated tour along the way.
住所: Las Olas Beach, Fort Lauderdale, FL, アメリカ

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フォートローダーデールとハリウッドを見るのに最高の方法です! 1つの安い料金で1日中15回の停留所のいずれかでホップ&ホップしてください。豊かで有名な壮大な大邸宅やヨットでフォートローダーデールのレストラン、バー、ビーチ、ショッピングをお楽しみください。 Port Evergladesを通ってMargaritaville Resortの5時にSomewhere Barへ直接行くマルガリータビルエクスプレスでホリウッドを体験してください。ハリウッドは国のトップビーチの1つを提供しており、世界で有名なブロードウォークに沿って多くのことを見ることができます。
  • 所要時間: 12時間
  • 使用言語: 英語
$18.00 USD
  • 所要時間: 12時間
  • 使用言語: 英語
$18.00 USD



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