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Piazza della Repubblica

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The Piazza della Repubblica is a public square in the center of Florence that sits on some of the city’s most important historic sites. It was once the city’s Roman Forum — then subsequently its market and old ghetto, after the forum was extensively built over in the early Middle Ages. The present square was established in the 19th century Risanamento during the period in which Florence was briefly the capital of a reunited Italy. The expansion of the square meant the demolition of many significant structures.

The square was revitalized after the war, and today is the home to many street performers and artists as well as historic literary cafes and traveling exhibitions. Sitting in the piazza you can see the Colonna dell'Abbondanza (Column of Abundance) and the Arcone, the most prominent remaining structures of the past.




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アカデミア美術館を小グループツアーで見学します。ミケランジェロの有名なダビデ像を鑑賞した後は、フィレンツェのウォーキングツアーをお楽しみください。 定員25名の小グループツアーのため、よりきめの細かいサービスが受けられます。ヘッドフォンが渡されるので、ガイドの説明を聞き洩らすこともありません。 ...  続きを読む

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