The Stradun - also known locally as Placa - is the main street in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, running west from Pile Gate to Ploce Gate and the harbor in the east.

The city's biggest and most iconic street, the Stradun is also the town’s busiest. There’s a constant shuffle of feet along its limestone and marble pavings as locals go about their business and tourists explore the architectural treasures of the Old Town.

The Stradun was once a shallow water channel that divided Dubrovnik. Filled and paved in the 12th century, this wide street was originally surrounded by Gothic and Renaissance buildings. These buildings were mostly destroyed in an earthquake in 1667, which devastated much of the town.

Practical Info

In what must have been a monumental rebuilding effort, the Stradun, and the baroque buildings we see along its length today, were rebuilt. There’s plenty to see as you walk along the Stradun – all the cities main sights are on or just off the main thoroughfare – stone houses, baroque churches and palaces, fountains and statues, and plenty of bars, shops and restaurants.

The Stradun starts at the Old Town’s main entrance, Pile Gate and runs directly west through the centre of the Old Town to Ploce Gate and the harbor in the east.

住所: Stradun, Old Town, Dubrovnik, クロアチア
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