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Konavle Valley

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South of Dubrovnik, between the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and the dramatic Sniježnica mountain, lies the Konavle Valley.

Coastal Cavtat at the northern end of the valley is the largest town and a popular holiday resort. That said, it retains its cultural and historic charm with wonderful buildings such as the Rector’s Palace, Church of Our Lady Cavtat and the Franciscan Monastery.

The valley stretches south to the Montenegrin border. Molunat is the southernmost point on the coast. The other 30 villages in the region are inland, including Čilipi near Dubrovnik airport.

Konavle Valley is wonderful for cycling and hiking along cliffs and through fields to pretty little villages. For steeper slopes hit the inclines of Sniježnica (at 1,234 meters it’s the highest point of the region). Opt for a more relaxing activity and go wine tasting in vineyards renowned for full-bodied cabernet sauvignon and merlot blends.




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ドゥブロヴニク発の日帰り旅行で、モンテネグロの主な町や名所を訪れて、この国の美しさをご実感下さい。 美しいコトル湾(Boka Kotorska)沿いの風光明媚なドライブコースをドライブしながら、ジュパドゥブロヴァチュカ(Župa ...  続きを読む

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